• How to book?
  • Can I check your fees for booking?
  • Can I purchase a ticket at the airport on the departing day? And, do you have a standby service?
  • What is the minimum connecting time?
  • Do you have transfer service ?
  • Do I need VISA for international flights?
  • When is the deadline for the booking?
  • When can I start booking?
  • May I book on the website but I need special assistance?
  • Do you charge Fuel Surcharges?
  • May I have a receipt?
  • Do you have a mileage program?
  • How can I get your special offers?
  • Can unaccompanied child travel?
  • What case does attendant needed?
  • I am pregnant. How many days before my expected date of delivery can I fly?
  • Can I travel with my infant?
  • Can I travel with my pet?
  • I am making a resavation with multiple tabs or windows. Is there any problem?
  • Can I also make a reservation with my smartphone or tablet?
  • Can I access to your website with any PCs?
  • Can I make a reservation for group?
  • How can I confirm my reservation? Do I need re-confirm?
  • I could not receive my itinerary by email. How can I confirm my reservation?
  • Can I also reserve hotel, rentacar etc?
  • I found incorrect info in my itinerary/boarding pass, how can I correct them?
  • How can I use coupon?
  • Where can I see discount amount when I booked Group Booking(4-9 passengers per booking) ?
E.g., 2015/10/04
Web Check-in is only available for Japan domestic flights.

October 4, 2015

Thank you for choosing Vanilla Air.
Due to typhoon MUJIGAE, departing to and from Hong Kong airport may have possibility of delay, diversion or cancellation.

Please check the latest information before traveling.


Following flights has been Cancelled and Delay due to Typhoon No.22/ MUJIGAE.






Hong Kong → Narita



    Flights          Departure          Arrival
JW303 Narita
10:35 → 19:00

Hong Kong
14:40 → 23:05


JW304 Hong Kong
→ 10/5 1:00
→ 10/5 6:00

We apologize for any inconveniences.

2015-10-04 07:00