Corporate Information

Corporate Profile

Corporate Name
Vanilla Air Inc. (a.k.a. Vanilla Air)
Narita International Airport 2PTB, Chiba, JAPAN
Katsuya Goto, President
August 31, 2011
Paid-in Capital
JPY 15,000 millions (Amount of capital: JPY 7,500 millions)
Share holder
Main Business
Scheduled air transportation business (Domestic and International flights)
Number of Employees
Total 759 employees (as of August 1st, 2018)



August 31
The company is founded.
October 27
The company filed to operate a scheduled passenger service.


February 2
The company is authorized to operate a scheduled passenger service.
August 1
Domestic inaugural flight
October 28
International inaugural flight
December 18
Headquarters is moved to Terminal 2, Narita International Airport.


June 28
The company is recapitalized.
November 1
The company name is changed to 'Vanilla Air Inc'.
December 20
'Tokyo Narita=Okinawa' and 'Tokyo Narita=Taipei Taoyuan' routes opened


January 29
'Tokyo Narita=Sapporo' route opened
March 1
'Tokyo Narita=Seoul Incheon' route opened
July 1
'Tokyo Narita=Amami Oshima' route opened
November 2
'Tokyo Narita=Hong Kong' route opened


February 1
'Tokyo Narita=Kaohsiung' route opened


April 27
'Osaka Kansai=Taipei Taoyuan' route opened
September 14
'Okinawa Naha=Taipei Taoyuan', 'Tokyo Narita=Ho Chi Minh City' and 'Taipei Taoyuan=Ho Chi Minh City' routes opened
December 25
'Tokyo Narita=Cebu' route opened


February 18
'Tokyo Narita=Osaka Kansai' route opened
February 19
'Tokyo Narita=Hakodate' route opened
March 18
'Osaka Kansai=Hakodate' route opened
March 26
'Osaka Kansai =Amami Oshima' route opened


March 25
'Fukuoka = Taipei Taoyuan' route opened
July 1
'Tokyo Narita=Ishigaki' and 'Okinawa Naha=Ishigaki' routes opened
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◆ About Kansai International Airport

Due to typhoon Jebi, operation has been limited in some part of Kansai International Airport.
Some flights from/to Kansai international airport will be canceled or delayed until 22nd of September.


◆Flights from/to Amami Oshima

on 18th -22nd september September, some flight from/to Amami Oshima airport will be delayed due to ship arrangement.


◆Flights from/to Okinawa

Some flights from/to Okinawa on 22nd of September will be delayed due to ship arrangement.


◆ Hokkaido Toho-oki Earthquake

Public transportation and the routes to/from some airports in Hokkaido are limited caused by this earthquake and power cut.
Please check the Transportation Status for your flight before you travel.

Please check 【See more info】for latest flight information.

We apologized these inconvinience caused and thank you for your understanding.


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