Safety Measures

Message from Management

We commenced operations in 2012 and changed our name to Vanilla Air on November 2013. Vanilla Air has been used by many customers including the Tokyo metropolitan area. We will continue to evolve into a leading airline in Japan by integrating with Peach Aviation in FY 2019. However, evolution of Vanilla Air will not be realized without the achievement of flight safety. We have established the “Safety Principles” as follows,

- Safety Principles -
"Safety is fundamental to our operations and our duty to society,” “Safety is improved through reliable systems based on mutual understanding and trust,” and “Safety is achieved through everyone fulfilling their responsibilities."

As stipulated in the "Safety Principles", We strive to maintain and improve safety quality in every employee by observing relevant laws and regulations in daily work. In addition, all employees have a high level of safety awareness to ensure that daily operations are firmly practiced, and to raise employees' awareness to "corporate culture." There is no end to make efforts toward safety. I will further strive to ensure flight safety so that our customers can safely travel with Vanilla Air.

November 2018
Vanilla Air Inc.
Shinichi Inoue, President

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2019-10-26 12:00