Safety Measures

Vanilla Air Safety Principles

Safety is fundamental to our operations and our duty to society

Dedication to flight safety means protecting our passengers from injury or loss, and also protecting ourselves. It is both a social obligation and a responsibility that, if unfulfilled, threatens the existence of the company. Ensuring and improving safety is essential to corporate growth, and forms the basis of our operations.

Safety is improved through reliable systems based on mutual understanding and trust

Safety is only achieved when a large number of organizations and associated companies work together in close cooperation and execute their specified duties with complete reliability.
Organizations work together on the basis of mutual understanding and trust. It is therefore crucial to continually ensure and improve safety by updating and optimizing higher-level structures such as industry-level cooperative frameworks, safety mechanisms and systems.

Safety is achieved through everyone fulfilling their responsibilities

Within these structures, we must all constantly look for and improve safety. We must always be aware of the part we have to play in ensuring safety, and act so as to make our systems ever safer.


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