Vanilla Air Safety Management System

Safety Promotion Committee

The General Safety Promotion Committee, which meets monthly, is the highest decision-making body in the Vanilla Air Safety Management System. Managers and representatives of all departments meet to exchange and discuss everyday flight safety.
Each meeting opens with all members reciting the safety principles together, as every attendee takes the importance of flight safety to heart.

Risk Management

Safety Risk Management Meeting
Monthly Safety Risk Management Meetings (for preventive action/recurrence prevention) are held to identify latent hazards that could cause an accident or incident, evaluate the risks thereof, and reduce them to an acceptable level.
The Committee is made up of impartial and unbiased risk assessors from each department, who establish the facts objectively and form their judgments on the basis of what is best from an inter-departmental standpoint.
Another mechanism for preventing accidents and incidents is our Spontaneous Reporting System, where information on near misses is actively sought from all members of staff engaged in the operation of Vanilla Air (our own employees and contractors).

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