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Guest Service staff spend their first six weeks learning about terms and conditions, hazardous materials, and security through studying and taking part in on-the-job training. They also develop their appreciation of the importance of safety through lectures at the ANA Safety Education Center. New Guest Service staff are only qualified to work at check-in counters or gates after attending all required courses and passing their assessments.

They are careful to confirm with all passengers at the check-in counter that there are no items designated as dangerous under the Civil Aeronautics Act in their checked or carry-on bags. This eliminates any element of insecurity that might affect safe operation of the aircraft.

We combine information from our Reservation Center, check-in counters, gates, and outbound flights, providing it to related departments such as flight attendants for follow-up, and further double-check that those points have actually been followed up. The information is also shared with staff in daily briefings, keeping passenger safety first in their minds and helping them to provide the most enjoyable flight service. This system means that passengers can fly with us in complete confidence.

Measures for maintaining and improving staff skills are based on the training requirements stipulated in the Civil Aeronautics Act. Our staff analyze daily reports and trends in near misses as part of their everyday duties, and we also include reviews and recurrent education in team meetings to develop our staff and make sure they are ready for anything.

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