Flight Attendants

New employees spend their first two months at the company training on the ground and on board to gain safety skills and knowledge before becoming qualified to work as Flight Attendants. All serving Flight Attendants maintain and improve their emergency response skills through annual emergency response training. These training sessions are held at ANA training centers, and include a variety of practical exercises that simulate emergencies.

Staff responsible for the cabin go through information such as pilot predictions of flight time and turbulence and Customer Service estimates of passenger numbers in pre-flight meetings. This allows them to advise Flight Attendants on how to divide up their duties for in-flight services.

Boarding commences after the meeting is concluded. Emergency equipment is checked and the cabin is searched for any suspicious items, and then passengers are welcomed on board. Flight Attendants carry out specific safety-related duties such as cabin checks during take-off and landing, and confirming that all life jackets are in place after a flight. Vanilla Air publishes a monthly safety information magazine for Flight Attendants. It introduces recent safety news, and links it with preventive measures and recurrence prevention. We have also created a system centered around committee members working in safety-related areas that actively seeks out opinions from front-line staff and uses them to maximize safety. Regular meetings for all Flight Attendants include safety study groups aimed at keeping them fully informed and ready for anything.

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