Maintenance Engineers

Maintenance checks of the aircraft, systems, and engine are carried out in accordance with a specified inspection program to keep aircraft in top condition and safe to fly.

If any malfunction occurs, the cause is tracked down and necessary maintenance procedures carried out. Maintenance Engineers inspect the malfunction themselves, and also confirm the details of in-flight malfunctions with Pilots and/or Flight Attendants. Some malfunctions only occur in flight, so engineers need to work with flight crews to decide on effective maintenance measures.

If subsequent flights may be delayed by maintenance procedures, an overview of works and completion outlook are submitted to the relevant departments in good time, and this information must be used to keep passengers informed. As well as maintenance work, Maintenance Engineers are also required to manage the overall situation until the next flight. Aircraft maintenance therefore requires both highly advanced and very broad knowledge and skill.

After joining the company, Maintenance Engineers spend about six months in training before they are assigned to actual service. They then work in the field together with a highly experienced senior engineer for two years while acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary to become a fully-fledged Maintenance Engineer. Maintenance Engineers then take training courses and undergo a range of examinations over the course of around 18 months while they build up experience, after which they finally acquire national and in-house maintenance engineering qualifications. Only then are they allowed to sign off on aircraft maintenance.

Highly specialized training courses are run at ANA training facilities, with realistic training carried out using advanced training materials. Even after obtaining their qualifications, Maintenance Engineers strive to continually maintain and improve knowledge and skills through continual study and regular training.

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