Flight Dispatch

Flight Dispatchers are responsible for three aspects of flight operation related to safety: flight dispatch; loading and embarkation management; and operational control.

Flight dispatch duties are carried out by Flight Dispatchers with national qualifications and a complete knowledge of flight operations. They check flight and weather information for the day of the flight and the day after, then create a safe and comfortable flight plan (flight path, altitude, fuel quantity, etc.) which is then given to the Pilots. They also provide safety information as required during the flight, and assist the captain in transmitting in-flight communications to relevant contacts in-house so that he can ensure a comfortable flight.

Loading and embarkation management is provided by Load Controllers, who hold an in-house qualification. They ascertain the quantity of fuel to be loaded, decided for each flight by the captain and Flight Dispatchers, and check the distribution of passenger seating in order to confirm that the departing aircraft has a suitable weight and center of gravity, ensuring that the aircraft can depart safely. They also confirm that the amount and distribution of dangerous items transported as hand luggage are within predetermined ranges.

Operational control involves understanding the causes of flight delays, replacing aircraft for flights, and working with the passenger and maintenance departments to minimize the effect of any delay. In adverse weather conditions such as typhoons or heavy snow, operational controllers consult Flight Dispatcher and work together with affected in-house departments, issuing in-house communications related to delay or cancellation of the incoming flights.

Flight Dispatchers and Load Controllers receive regular in-house training and strive to always maintain and improve their knowledge and skills.

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