Pilots fly under our basic flight policy of "Put flight safety first, optimize flight efficiency, and endeavor to fly on time, while taking action so as to provide comfortable flights."

Candidates must undergo training and pass several examinations in order to become pilots. They must also take several examinations and undergo annual training even after qualifying. Their highly specialized training is carried out at ANA facilities. They also undergo high-level realistic training using advanced training materials. Pilots also undergo national physical exams once or twice a year. They cannot work as pilots without continually passing all of these examinations, training courses and tests.

Vanilla Air Pilots come to our Narita Airport office before their flight and start by confirming their physical and mental health. They then check their flight path, weather reports from various airports, maintenance status of their aircraft, and passenger information. Vanilla Air's front line departments (operations, maintenance, passengers, and cabins) are situated next to one another on the same floor. Information can therefore be quickly and clearly ascertained through face-to-face conversation as and when needed. The captain and Flight Dispatchers use the confirmed information to decide on the flight path, altitude and quantity of fuel.

They then meet the Flight Attendants to brief them on the day’s flight. All parties share information and discuss how they can make the flight safe and comfortable. Specific items to be discussed include: weather conditions, such as areas of turbulence, and passenger status; safety information; and confirmation of emergency procedures.

On arriving at the airplane, the pilots conduct a visual inspection, test specified equipment, and finally check that the aircraft does not have any problems. After checking that the right fuel has been supplied and the aircraft is well balanced, the pilots confirm that the flight attendants are ready and then allow the passengers to board.

After take-off, pilots make full use of the skills and knowledge developed through their training and experience to ensure a safe and comfortable flight. Pilots strive to further improve the quality of the flight even after take-off by taking advice from Flight Dispatchers and Maintenance Engineers.

After arrival at their destination, the pilots notify flight dispatch of the aircraft status and provide any information relevant to subsequent flights. The pilots of the next flight then use this information to ensure yet another safe and comfortable flight.

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