Airport Guide

Tokyo - Narita International Airport

International / Domestic

Departure…Int'l: E / Domestic: F, 2F, Terminal 3
Counter opening hours Int'l) Between 120min. to 50min. before scheduled departure time / Domestic) Between 90min. to 30min. before scheduled departure time

Please note that depending on facility conditions of airports, priority boarding service is not guaranteed.

Arrival …Arrival Lobby, 2F, Terminal 3

  • It takes about 20-25 minutes from Terminal2 sta. to Check-in Counter.

Access (Narita Airport <=> Tokyo)


  • Keisei Skyliner (For Tokyo=Nippori, please take JR line)
    50 min. JPY 2,630
  • JR Narita Express (NE'X)
    60min. JPY 3,020

Rapid Bus for Tokyo Sta.

  • 90min. JPY 1,000
  • Duration times and fares are only as a guide and they would be changed with each terms and conditions. Regarding train, it don't include transfer times.
  • Due to traffic control or weather conditions, traffic control would be delay. So please allow plenty of time to get the airport.
Web Check-in is only available for Japan domestic flights.

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◆ About Kansai International Airport

Due to typhoon Jebi, operation has been limited in some part of Kansai International Airport.
Some flights from/to Kansai international airport will be canceled or delayed until 22nd of September.


◆Flights from/to Amami Oshima

on 18th -22nd september September, some flight from/to Amami Oshima airport will be delayed due to ship arrangement.


◆Flights from/to Okinawa

Some flights from/to Okinawa on 22nd of September will be delayed due to ship arrangement.


◆ Hokkaido Toho-oki Earthquake

Public transportation and the routes to/from some airports in Hokkaido are limited caused by this earthquake and power cut.
Please check the Transportation Status for your flight before you travel.

Please check 【See more info】for latest flight information.

We apologized these inconvinience caused and thank you for your understanding.


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