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Booking and Preparation

アクセス?出発編へ 準備する ウェブチェックイン(国内線の場合) 予約する 旅行プランを決める

1-1. Plan Your Trip

Step-by-Step Guide

Vanilla Air applies a system its fare is sliding according to seats and days availability. Find your original plan with the best destinations, date and best fares!

1-2. Book your flight

Find the best plan matches with you

You can get free of checked-in baggage within 20kg for free with "Inclusive" plan. Find the best plan for you!

Check the fare type
Check how to book a flight

2. Check in (Only for Domestic flight)

Easy boaridng with advance Web Check-in

For only domestic flight, Web check-in is available from 48hours and until 2hours before your departure time, and you can print out a boarding pass and proceed to baggage check-in directly.

  • Please be reminded regardless of fare types, following will not be accepted once you web check-in.
    * Changing or cancelling your flight
    * Additionally purchase nor change Baggage option
    * Additionally purchase nor change Seat assignment

3. Prepare for your travle

Smaller and lighter baggage is better

You can check in your baggage for free within 20kg. Generary items for 1 week trip should be within in 1 baggage, but be careful! You will definitely buy more stuff such as souvenirs, cloths and snacks. It's better to consider it and make some space for them. If you wish to bring big baggage, golf or bicycle equipment and musical instrument, please kindly check here.

Checked Baggage

Travel insurance in case of emergency

For International flight, make sure your passport won't be expired during your stay. Also better to check your International travel insurance just in case of emergency.

Check how you reach to the Airport

Have you decided how you reach to the Airport? Some transportation provides discount if you purchase in advance. Don't miss it!

Access to the Airport

Ready Now!

Please make sure you have all stuff for your trip,
and now you are ready for your trip!

Web Check-in is only available for Japan domestic flights.

【Typhoon Information 】

<Operation on 22OCT17>

【Canceled Flights】

便名 / FLT#

出発地/ Depature






【Over night  Delay】

We regret to inform you that JW809 from Narita to Taipei on 22OCT17 will be delay due to Ship Arrnagement caused by Typhoon21.

JW809 on 22OCT17 will operate JW9809 on 23OCT17 as bellow.


Departure Time

Arrival Time



Flight No changed to JW9809

 17:55 on 22OCT17

13:00 on 23OCT17

 21:00 on 22OCT17

16 :10 on 23OCT17

Ship Arrnagement caused by Typhoon21


<Operation on 23OCT17>

【Delay Flights】

There are delay flights which depart from Taipei, Ho Chi Minh, Hong-kong, Okinawa, Chitose, Hakodate, Narita.

We apologize for any inconvenience


Due to the influence of the typhoon LAN, there is a possibility that flights operated on 23OCT and 24OCT will be affected (big delay, cancellation, conditional flight).

Please check 【See more info】for latest flight information.

2017-10-23 06:05