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Check-in and Boarding

Embarkation Procedure(International) Security Check Baggage Drop Check-in Access to the Airport

4. Access to Airport

Please come to the airport in plenty of time

To avoid the traffic jam, please come to the airport in plenty of time.

5-1. Check-in

Passengers who fly international flights and don't use web check-in for domestic required to check-in at our airport counter. Also, we require to check your travel documents(passport etc.).

Deadline of Check-in at counter

DomesticBetween 90min. to 30min. before scheduled departure time
InternationalBetween 120min. to 50min. before scheduled departure time

5-2. Baggage Drop

Vanilla Air is free for up to 20kg*


Over 20kg Baggage and the other non-standard sized baggage(Golf goods, Bicycle, musical instruments etc.) are chargeable.

  • Simple fare and Campaign fare are not applicable regarding free baggage allowance. Learn more

6-1. Security Check

Do you have prohibited baggage?

Your carry-on baggages are required security check.

Prohibited to carry-on(Example)

Sharp items(Knives, Scissors), Liquids over 100ml for international flights

6-2. Immigration (International)

Please prepare your passport and boarding pass

Time to leave! The officer will check your passport and boarding pass. The officer will ask you your travel purpose, length of stay and accommodation. So please ensure to prepare that information.

Proceed to Boarding Gate

Time to Fly! Have a nice flight!

Be at the boarding gate

DomesticStrictly 20min. before departure time
InternationalStrictly 20min. before departure time
Web Check-in is only available for Japan domestic flights.

Thank you for choosing Vanilla Air.

◆ About Kansai International Airport

Due to typhoon Jebi, operation has been limited in some part of Kansai International Airport.
Some flights from/to Kansai international airport will be canceled or delayed until 22nd of September.


◆Flights from/to Amami Oshima

on 18th -22nd september September, some flight from/to Amami Oshima airport will be delayed due to ship arrangement.


◆Flights from/to Okinawa

Some flights from/to Okinawa on 22nd of September will be delayed due to ship arrangement.


◆ Hokkaido Toho-oki Earthquake

Public transportation and the routes to/from some airports in Hokkaido are limited caused by this earthquake and power cut.
Please check the Transportation Status for your flight before you travel.

Please check 【See more info】for latest flight information.

We apologized these inconvinience caused and thank you for your understanding.


2018-09-21 05:50