Step-by-Step Guide


We introduce how to book on our website.

At the Beginning (Item List)

Please prepare bellow items for your flight booking.

Passenger profile (all passenger)

  • Name / Gender / Date of Birth
  • The amount of Check-in baggage, a number of non standard sized baggage (if you wish to bring)
  • Passport information (Country, Passport No., Issued country, Expiry date,) (International flight only)

Contact information

  • Name
  • Address(Post code)
  • Phone Number
  • E-mail Address

Payment information (Credit card use only)

  • Credit card information(Credit card number, Expiry date, Security code)

1. Flight Search

You can search flight and make a booking from top page "Booking panel". please fill in destination and departing date.

2. Select Flights

It will show the availability on your selected flight and fare on each type. Please select Fare type and flight. If you are searching for more than 4 passenger, it is showing group discount applied fare.

3. Passenger and Contact Info

Please fill in passenger profile and contact information.

Please fill in bellow items.

  • Title "MR" or "MS"
  • Name : The order is First name → Family name in alphabet. e.g. Ms. Aya Sorano → [First]Aya [Familly]Sorano
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth : Please select with the order of Date/Month/Year

Bellow item is required for International flight. You can also add or update after booking.

  • Country of origin
  • Passport Number
  • Issued country
  • Expiry date : Please fill in with the order of Date/Month/Year

Contact information

  • Representative person: The first passenger's name is automatically shown in the box, but it must be the name of the person who make payment. If you wish to purchase with your credit card, please re-write the representative passenger's name. You can update your contact information.
  • Country
  • Post code: No hyphen needed.
  • Phone Number: We may make a contact about your flight or payment, so please make sure to fill in contactable phone number. No Country Number, hyphen is needed.
  • Email address: We will send itinerary to this Email address. Please fill in contactable Email address.
  • Language: Please select language when you receive itinerary.

4. Select Checked in baggage

If you wish to check in your baggage, please select the weight. For Inclusive and Simple plan, within 20kg check-in baggage is free of charge*. However, if you wish to check in non standard sized baggage, please make sure to add baggage as it is applicable for charge.

  • From Oct.26 flights, this will only be applicable for Inclusive fare. Please check here for details.
  • Purchased checked baggage fee is non-refundable.

5. Seat selection

Please select seat. We have 2 type of seat "Standard" and "Relax seat". If you would like to select Relax seat, please check terms and conditions. For Inclusive plan, any type of seat selection is free of charge.
Please don't forget to select return flights seat. Please proceed to the return flight from the button at bottom of left.
If no seat is selected, please understand that we will assign your seat automatically. If so, your group might need to sit separately. If you are willing to sit together, we recommend seat selection.

Attention for Relax seat

  • Please read terms and condition for seating on Relax seat for your comfortable flight.
  • Our flight crew will assign you to different seat when judged as the passenger is not fulfilled with the terms and condition and may ask you to move to the other seat. No refund is applicable to the case. Please kindly understand.
Terms and Condition for Relax seat(1A~1F)
  • Stretch belt is not available
  • Infant (under 2 years old) can not sit on this row
  • Child seat is not available on this row
  • Armrest is not able to be raised
  • The carry on baggage must be in a cabin above you
  • Passenger carries medical oxygen cylinder cannot sit on this row.
Terms of Condition for Relax seat the row of (12A~12F、14A~14F)

This row is emergency exit row. We may ask you a help for emergency escape in case of emergency.

  • Under 15 years old Children can not sit on this row
  • Passenger need special assistance in a cabin cannot sit on this row.
  • Pregnant passenger (within 28days befor the expected delivery date)

6. Payment

You can choose payment with Credit card or cash at convenience store.
※Seat assignment fee is non-refundable.

  • Security Code: 3 digit core on the back of the credit card.
  • It takes about 1 minute after you click "purchase" button until the purchase is complete. Please not click any other button or close browser before it's done.
  • You can choose convenience store payment 3days before your departure date. You have to make a payment within next day of your booking day.

7. Itinerary

This is the end of the flow for Credit card user. Please print your itinerary on the display and keep it at hand. Please show the itinerary at airport counter on your departure day.
If no payment is made within the next day, your booking will be automatically canceled. Please make sure to complete your payment by the time at the bottom on your itinerary.

Need more help?

Web Check-in is only available for Japan domestic flights.

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