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Changes of ‘Passenger Service Charge’ departing from Ho Chi Minh City (SGN) from 1st October 2017


‘Passenger Service Charge’ charged to customers departing from the main airport in Vietnam will be changed from 1st October 2017 ticketing as follows.

ADULT                1.5USD(old) -> 2.0USD(new)
CHILD(2 years old ~ 11 years old)  0.75USD(old) ->1.0USD(new)

Affected customer is as follows.

•Customers who is making a reservation departing from Ho Chi Minh City on and after 1st October 2017.
•Customers who already booked flights by 30th September 2017 and try to change the date of the flight from Ho Chi Minh City to the flights on and after 1st October 2017.

Web Check-in is only available for Japan domestic flights.

【Typhoon Information 】

<Operation on 22OCT17>

【Canceled Flights】

便名 / FLT#

出発地/ Depature






【Over night  Delay】

We regret to inform you that JW809 from Narita to Taipei on 22OCT17 will be delay due to Ship Arrnagement caused by Typhoon21.

JW809 on 22OCT17 will operate JW9809 on 23OCT17 as bellow.


Departure Time

Arrival Time



Flight No changed to JW9809

 17:55 on 22OCT17

13:00 on 23OCT17

 21:00 on 22OCT17

16 :10 on 23OCT17

Ship Arrnagement caused by Typhoon21


<Operation on 23OCT17>

【Delay Flights】

There are delay flights which depart from Taipei, Ho Chi Minh, Hong-kong, Okinawa, Chitose, Hakodate, Narita.

We apologize for any inconvenience


Due to the influence of the typhoon LAN, there is a possibility that flights operated on 23OCT and 24OCT will be affected (big delay, cancellation, conditional flight).

Please check 【See more info】for latest flight information.

2017-10-23 00:05