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Vanilla Air moves into the brand-new terminal at Tokyo Narita hub!


1) New Terminal

In accordance with the opening of Terminal 3, Vanilla Air moves into Terminal 3 of Narita International Airport (NRT/Tokyo).

  Present April 8, 2015 〜
Terminal Terminal 2 Terminal 3

Domestic Check-in Counter, 1F

F counter, 3F

Check-in Counter, 2F


Domestic Arrival Lobby, 2F

International Arrival Lobby, 1F

Arrival Lobby, 2F

Access to Terminal 3


Terminal 3 will be accessible by foot or shuttle bus. It will be 500m from Terminal 2, so please allow plenty of time than ever to get to Terminal 3.


The airport will set up bus/taxi stops at Terminal 3. You will be able to reach at the terminal directly.
For further information of the building and access, we will update details on this website.

2) Airport Charges

In accordance with the opening of Terminal 3, Narita International Airport will start to charge domestic passengers who fly from/to Tokyo Narita (NRT). Vanilla Air charges the airport charges for the applicable tickets in place of the airport when you purchase our tickets.
Passenger Service Facility Charges after Opening of Terminal 3

Applicable tickets

All tickets which fly from/to Tokyo Narita (Domestic and International) on and after April 8, 2015.
(However the tickets booked/modified on or before Jan. 14, 2015 are not applicable. Please also note that new charges are applicable if you modify your itinerary on and after Jan. 15, 2015.)

Applicable passengers

Adults and Children (2 and older)

  • Infants (under 2 years old) is not applicable.
  • Children who is over 2 years old are applicable because they are applied to adult fares at Vanilla Air.


Passenger Service Facility ChargeNEW JPY 380
  • We charge above amounts with both departure and arrival at Narita.
  • We also charge same amonts with Children who are 2 years old and older but under 12.
  • When passenger cancelled his/her flight, we will refund above amounts.
International REDUCED
Passenger Service Facility Charge JPY 1,020
Passenger Security Service Charge JPY 520
  • We also charge same amounts with Children who are 2 years old and older but under 12.
  • When passenger cancelled his/her flight, we will refund above amounts.

3) Open Baggage Inspection of Checked Baggage

At the terminal 3, security officer will open and inspect your baggages with Vanilla Air staffs when they will find items disallowed by law※1 in your baggages.

Your baggage flow after check-in

Your baggage flow after check-in

①②Your baggage will be screened and examined with X-ray after check-in. We will announce for you to return to our check-in counter if any items disallowed by law are found in your checked-in baggage.
③In the case of being unable to contact the passenger after the announcement, security may remove the items without your permission.
④Please note that we are not responsible for any incidental damage to your baggage, including the lock, during the baggage examination.
Conditions of Carriage, Chapter 11. BAGGAGE B)-1※3

  • 1…What is items disallowed by law?
      The goods which are stated as untransportable with aircraft. For details, please refer to below examples.
  • 2…What is mandatory open baggage inspection?
      To open and inspect passenger's checked baggages without one's present and permission.
  • 3…Regarding Conditions of Carriage, Chapter 11. BAGGAGE B)-1
      Please check our Conditions of Carriage.

Dangerous Goods specified by MLIT of Japan

Lighter fuels, camping and household stoves, gas sprays


Fireworks, Firecrackers

Flammable liquids

Oil Lighter, Paints


Lithium battery

Learn more on MLIT of Japan website

Web Check-in is only available for Japan domestic flights.

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