Vanilla Air Inc. Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

This privacy policy outlines how Vanilla Air Inc. handles the personal information provided to it by customers. Please read this privacy policy when using Vanilla Air Inc.'s products and services. Customers who use Vanilla Air Inc.'s products and services are treated as having understood and agreed to the content of this privacy policy.

2. Scope

This Privacy Policy applies to all customers who use Vanilla Air Inc. services and products.

3. Purpose of Collecting Personal Information

Vanilla Air Inc. uses customer personal information for the following purposes.
[1] Reservations, ticket sales, check-ins, airport services and in-flight services related to air transport services
[2] Reservations, ticket sales, check-ins and airport services for interline transportation, wet lease, code share and/or intermodal transportation
[3] Guidance, provision and management of other services and products offered by Vanilla Air Inc.
[4] All operations incidental or related to [1] through [3] above
[5] Implementation of surveys concerning services, products, etc. offered by Vanilla Air Inc.
[6] Development of new services and products
[7] Guidance, operation, management and information provision related to various events and campaigns
[8] Notification of services and products offered by Vanilla Air Inc.
[9] Guidance, operation, management and notification of services, products, events and campaigns from Vanilla Air Inc. group and its partner companies
[10] Responses to inquiries and requests

4. Personal Information Obtained

Vanilla Air Inc. will use fair and appropriate measures to gather the following types of personal information from customers in order to achieve the usage purposes outlined in the previous section.
[1] Personal information provided by customers to Vanilla Air Inc. when requesting services, etc.
Customers' names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, etc.
[2] Information related to the usage of services, etc.
Credit card numbers, credit card expiration dates, whether a wheelchair or other service needs to be arranged, flight cancellation information, boarding history, etc.

Vanilla Air Inc. will not gather or use sensitive customer information (hereafter "sensitive data") such as ethnicity, religion, social status, health history, criminal record, or whether a customer has been the victim of a crime, unless required to by law or under the agreement of the customer.

5. Choices available to customers

In principle it is the customers' decision to provide personal information to Vanilla Air Inc. If a customer does not provide personal information, they may be unable to use services provided by Vanilla Air Inc., some system functions may be partially unavailable for use, they may be unable to receive campaign event notices and other information from Vanilla Air Inc., and other services may also be affected. Customers are able to change their contact information and whether they wish to receive email newsletters at any time, using a method defined separately by Vanilla Air Inc.

6. Disclosure to Third Parties

Vanilla Air Inc. will not disclose or provide customers' personal information to any third parties except under the following circumstances or for the following purposes. Furthermore, sensitive data from customers will not be disclosed or provided to a third party under any circumstances, unless required to by law or under the agreement of the customer. Information disclosed for common-use or outsourcing purposes does not count as disclosure to a third party.
[1] When the customer agrees to the disclosure
[2] When information is disclosed or provided within the scope of applicable laws
[3] When the disclosure is necessary for the protection of a person's or people's lives, bodies, or property, and securing agreement from the customer is difficult
[4] When the company must cooperate with the government of Japan or a regional public organization, and securing agreement from customers would hinder the carrying out of this activity
[5] When disclosing or providing statistical data (data that cannot be used to identify individual customers)
[6] When provided to another party as part of a merger, corporate division, business transfer, or other reason
[7] When the customer provides personal information to Vanilla Air Inc. via its webpage or another method, has checked the following information provided in an easy-to-access place in accordance with applicable laws, and has not expressed a desire to refuse to provide the information
1) The purpose for providing the information to a third party
2) The type(s) of personal information being provided to a third party
3) The means or method used to provide information to a third party
4) The fact that data provision to a third party can be ceased upon a customer's request
5) The method(s) customers can use to make requests

7. Entrustment of Business

In providing products and services to customers, Vanilla Air Inc. may entrust part of its business to a third party and provide personal information to this party within the scope required to achieve its intended purpose(s). In such cases, the company will implement all appropriate measures with such third parties to safeguard the confidentiality of customer data, including establishing agreements on the handling of personal information.

8. Transfer Outside of Japan

If Vanilla Air Inc. provides customers' personal information to a third party outside of Japan, such as an outsourced business or shared-use partner, it will take all suitable and necessary measures to follow all relevant laws.

9. Managing Personal Information

Vanilla Air Inc. manages its customers' personal information according to the strictest standards and takes the utmost care to prevent leaks, loss, and/or alterations. The company's executives and employees undergo internal training on protecting and suitably handling customers' personal information. The company also sets a storage period for personal information based on its intended purpose and discards this information using suitable methods when the purpose has been achieved.

10. Disclosure, Correction, Deletion, Addition, Discontinuance, and Deletion of Personal Information

If Vanilla Air Inc. receives a customer request using a defined method which is related to the disclosure, correction, deletion, addition, discontinuance, or deletion (hereafter "disclosure, etc.") of the customer's personal information stored in Vanilla Air Inc.'s database, it will handle the request as follows within a reasonable time period and scope.
[1] Requests related to disclosure
The company will disclose the type(s) of personal information requested by the customer.
[2] Requests related to correction, deletion, or addition
After confirming the content of the request, the company will correct, delete, or add to customers' personal information if possible.
[3] Requests related to discontinuance or deletion
The company will agree to the content of the request and discontinue use of the personal information defined by the customer, or delete it if requested.
Discontinuation or deletion of this information may make it no longer possible for us to provide previously-available services or services that meet the customers' desires. Please note this before making a request.

Vanilla Air Inc. may not be able to handle customer requests if doing so will severely impede it in the carrying out of its regular work, or if there are concerns that such actions will break the law.

11. Inquiries and Submission of Requests for Disclosure, etc.

Customers can use the following method to make requests for disclosure, etc. to Vanilla Air Inc., or ask for the intended purpose related to the personal information gathered by the company.
[1] Request method
Send the required documents to the address below.
Vanilla Air, Inc.
General Administration Department, Personal Information Handling Representative
1-1 Narita-furugome, Narita-shi, Chiba 282-0004, Japan

[2] Required documents
Identification documents
Copies of any two of the following: driver's license, passport, health insurance card, basic resident registration card with photograph, pension book, physical disability certificate, foreign resident registration card, seal registration card

12. Modification of the Privacy Policy

Vanilla Air Inc. may modify this privacy policy. If/when it does, Vanilla Air Inc. will publish the new policy on its website ( Please check the new policy whenever it is updated.

(Updated May 2017)

How we deal with your personal information on our website

The following describes how we treat personal information gathered via the Vanilla Air Inc. website. If you wish to know more about our general policy on privacy protection, please refer to the Vanilla Air Inc. Privacy Policy document.


This document defines how we deal with information gathered via the Vanilla Air Inc. website and is based on the Vanilla Air Inc. Privacy Policy. Vanilla Air Inc. makes every effort to protect your privacy so that you can use the Vanilla Air Inc. website with confidence and peace of mind.

By using the Vanilla Air Inc. website you are deemed to have understood and agreed to the following content:

This privacy policy only applies to use of the Vanilla Air Inc. website ( and does not apply to sites managed by other companies. In order to provide useful information and services to the user, links to other websites are introduced on the Vanilla Air Inc. site. This privacy does not apply to sites accessed via such links. We recommend that you check the privacy protection policies of each individual website.


[Security technology which protects personal information]
Protection of personal information is secured using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption technology. This means that any information you provided when using this site cannot be accessed by an unauthorised third person. Furthermore, a firewall and anti-virus measures have been installed to prevent disclosure, appropriation, alteration, etc, of personal information.

3.Collection of data

[Site access]
For the purpose of providing our customers with environment which the customers can use our website with greater ease, the information below is collected and stored.
[1]Usage of Cookies*1 and Individual Identification Number of mobile phone*2
For the purpose of providing following information, Vanilla Air Inc. collects and stores using Cookies and Individual Identification Number
・ Log-in data for Vanilla Air Members
・ Data from personalized pages
・ Page settings
・ Registration data from special campaigns, etc
・ Site access history (using Web beacon*3)

Customer can anytime deny receipt of Cookies by changing setting of internet browser. Vanilla Air Inc. recommends customers to set configuration to allow usage of Cookies only on the web site the customers can trust. However, please note that without using Cookies, response speed may go down significantly.
[2]Usage of IP address
For the purpose of providing customers with information related to the area customer stays, Vanilla Air collects IP address. When customers browse our website, Vanilla Air judges area where a customer makes access by analyzing IP address. However, Vanilla Air does not specify the customer.

- Acquisition of Cookies information by third parties
Vanilla Air Inc.’s website may put advertisement distributed by third parties. In relation to such advertisement, the third parties may acquire and use Cookies information of customers who make access to website of Vanilla Air Inc. Cookies Information acquired by the third parties shall be handled under privacy policy of the third parties. Customers can access to opt out page in the website of the third parties, and decline usage of Cookies information for distribution of advertisement by the third parties.

When we send mail to our customers, the following data may be collected:
・ The status of HTML e-mails, ie, whether they have been opened or previewed (using Web beacons *3)
・ Whether our site has been accessed via a link in a text e-mail or HTML mail.

*1 Cookies
1. Technology used to memorize information that user made access to our website. Information collected using Cookies does not include any information which can specify individual information such as e-mail address or name of users.
2. Vanilla Air Inc. shall be able to provide third parties with information collected by Cookies following scope defined in [1] Usage of Cookies and Individual Identification Number of mobile phone.
3. Customers can choose usage of Cookies defined in each scope by him/herself and customer set configurations following setting method of web browser customers use. When customer access to our website using Cooking, it shall be regarded that the customer acknowledge Vanilla Air Inc. to use information that the customer made an access to our website.
*Vanilla Air recommend customers to accept usage of Cookies to fully utilize functions of our website.
*2 Individual identification number
Based on the mobile phone calling in.
*3 Web beacon
Minute pictures invisible to the naked eye (1x1 pixel GIF) that are embedded into webpages or HTML e-mails and used to record the following data: opening/ previewing of e-mails, and access to websites using links in e-mails. Vanilla Air Inc. uses Web beacons when distributing HTML e-mail (except reservation related e-mails).
*4 IP Address
Number which is automatically assigned to user’s PC when users access to website. A webserver, computer(s) which provide website, automatically recognizes user’s computer using IP address, and communicate between webserver and user’s computer.

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