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Lost, Delayed or Damaged Baggage

I lost my bag in the cabin... I can't find my baggage...
We support such troubleshooting.

Vanilla Air strives to handle each baggage with care, However due to weather and airport facilities, it may become damaged or can not be delivered to the destination. If this situation occurs, we will respond with sincerity in order to resolve the problem.

In the Cabin

-Please call to our Reservation Center, if you lost in the cabin.
-We will report you within 24 hours once we find your baggages.
-After certain period of time, lost baggages will forward to the Police.

At the Airport

-For losts at the airport, please kindly contact each airports.



Please kindly notify our staffs, if your baggage are not delivered.

Left behind and Missing Baggage

All baggage must be picked up by each passenger confirming the numbers on the baggage claim tags after arrival. If you leave the airport without taking your baggage or picking up someone's baggage by mistake, please contact Vanilla Air staff at your arrival airport immediately.

Baggage Return

  • Your baggage will be delivered to the designated location.
  • If you pick up someone's baggage by mistake, please send it after contacting Vanilla Air staff at your arrival airport.
  • Please note that the delivery cost will be charged to the passenger.
  • For international flights, please note that if we need to storage the baggage, we will charge you storage fee.


Following are airline's discharge:

  • Damage to the baggage caused by heavy weight or over-packing
  • Damage caused by defects in the baggage itself such as from normal wear or tear, loss or damage to protruding parts such as detachable wheels/straps/hooks/name tags/belts or other attached items
  • Minor damage such as scratches/scuffs/dents/cuts/dirt
  • Damage caused by safety inspection of each country such as TSA(Transport Security Administration) Inspection.

If you feel your baggage was damaged during a flight, declare to our staff immediately after arrival. Please note that no compensation for damages will be given if we cannot confirm that the damage to the baggage occurred whenever it was under the control of the airline company.
If you find the damage of your baggage, you need to report your claim within 7days from the next day of pickup baggage which are written on our conditions of carriage and any laws mentioned airline legal responsibility. After that period, we cannot accept any claims.
If there is no declarations, we presumed that the baggage is good condition and handed over in accordance with Conditions of Carriage.
In addition, we will liability according to the Conditions of Carriage.


Domestic:The maximum amount of indemnity for carry-on baggage/cargo hold baggage whose value has not been declared in advance is limited to a maximum of JPY 150,000 per person.If the actual value of the items lost or damaged should exceed JPY 150,000.
International:There is maximum amount of compensation. Please check our Conditions of Carriage.

Reservation Center

We will require the travel date and flight numbers, so please prepare them before call.


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9:00-18:00 (GMT+9) Everyday

From Overseas


(International call charge will be applied)

Mon.-Fri. 10:00-19:00 (GMT+9)

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/// Customers who are departing from Okinawa(Naha) airport on 16DEC ///


Okinawa Urban Monorail (Yui rail) is temporarily suspending all monorail service due to unexploded ordnance disposal as a safety measure. A disposal operation will be conducted on December 16, 2018 (Sun) from 9:00~. (It is planned to finish by noon.)

Please prepare to have enough time to arrive at Okinawa(Naha) LCC terminal.

Please refer the Okinawa Urban Monorail website.多言語.pdf



由於沖繩市區發現未爆彈,沖繩單軌電車(Yui rail)受到影響於12/16(週日)上午9點至當日中午期間(暫定)全線暫停營運。請旅客預先保留充足的時間前往那霸國際機場LCC航廈辦理登機報到手續,感謝您的配合。




沖繩都市單軌電車(Yui rail)因要處理未爆炸彈而暫時停止所有單軌列車服務。整個清理過程將於2018年12月16日(星期日)上午9時開始進行 (預計於中午前完成)。




2018-12-15 18:45