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Carry-on Baggage

We'd like all our guests to understand and follow our Carry-on baggage rule for all your safe and smooth time on board.

Carry-on Baggage

Carry-on Baggage Allowance
Size Each dimension must be within 56cm×36cm×23cm including accessories (handles, wheels, locks, etc)
※You cannot carry-on a baggage exceeding each dimension above.
Number of bags 1 bag + 1 personal item (handbag, laptop, etc.)
= (total: 2 pics) per customer
Weight Total weight of the 2 pieces must be10 kg or less

Carry-on baggage check(Size/Weight/Pieces) will be strengthened.

Vanilla Air staff or security officer will check the size, pieces and weight of all carry-on baggages for safety and on time departure reason.
Please feel free to size your carry-on baggage near Vanilla Air Check-in Counter with our baggage sizer. The sizer is set 1 cm (each dimension) bigger than vanilla air carry-on baggage size allowance (56cm*36cm*23cm) to avoid the damage of your baggage.
If your baggage (including handles, wheels, keys, accessories, etc.) does not completely and smoothly fit into the sizer, your baggage is exceeded our carry-on baggage size allowance.
In this case, we have to charge you “fees” and check in your baggage at the counter.
In addition, we recommend that you purchase “fees” on our website in advance which is more reasonable price than purchasing at the counter.

Rules(Conditions of Carriage) for Vanilla-Air Carry-on BagsExcept articles specifically permitted by Vanilla Air to be carried into the cabin, Baggage that a Passenger may carry into the cabin shall be, besides one piece of a Passenger’s personal belongings that the Passenger carries and retains as permitted by Vanilla Air's Regulations, such as a handbag or PC bag, one piece of article provided in Vanilla Air's Regulations that can be stowed in an enclosed storage compartment in the cabin or under the seat in front of the Passenger, the sum of the three dimensions of which shall not exceed 115 centimetres (45 inches,) and each dimension shall be 56 centimetres x 36 centimetres x 23 centimetres at the maximum; provided, however, that the total weight of such articles shall not exceed 10 kilograms (22 pounds). A Passenger shall not carry into the cabin any Baggage that Vanilla Air deems cannot be stowed in safety in the cabin.

  • Personal items must be able to fit securely under the seat in front of the passenger.
  • Carry-on baggage size recommended by manufacture may be different from Vanilla Air regulation. 
  • The baggage or pesonal items we count as it can not fit securely in cabin or under the seat can not be on board with you.

Carry-on animals and plants

  • Insects don't stridulade, run away and free of stink are allowed to carry on board (only when it's in adequate case and for recreation).
  • Those classified under the category of bouquet and cut flower (it's required to be well taken care not to leak water, or it's a small plant and well taken care. It needs to be less that 23cm when it leans against on a cabinet )

Prohibited Carry-on animals/plants

  • Small animals (hamster etc.)

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Regarding baggage, there are various restrictions for your safety.

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