Vanilla Air Point Program

Exchange for Peach Point

Now, you can exchange your Vanilla Air Point which you earned, and you will earn for Peach Point and redeem for purchase tickets of Peach.

Introduction of Peach Point(Jump to Peach website)

Easy application to exchange points on your MyPage!

  • Available as many times as needed
  • No fees
  • We recommend transferring children's points to an adult person before the exchange because a child who is under 12 years old.
  • To exchange for Peach Point, the subscription to the Peach newsletter (it's free) is required. After the completion of the exchange, you will be subscribed to the Peach newsletter automatically.
  • After approved, the points will be withdrawn from member's account immediately but it will take a few days to issue the Peach Point Voucher. So, you cannot use the Peach Point Voucher immediately.
  • Member cannot exchange Peach Point for Vanilla Air Point.
  • Member needs to apply by his/her own because Vanilla Air is not take over member's points to Peach automatically.
  • Please note that member can apply to exchange the points only at Vanilla Air's website.
  • The deadline for exchanging the points is December 19, 2019. Please apply in plenty of time.

About Peach Point

  • Peach Point is valid for 180 days from the point issuing.
  • If you use the Peach Point, you must include the Peach Point holders in your reservation.
  • Peach Point is prohibited to transfer and resale to others.
  • As identified above, the exchanged Peach Point will comply with Peach's rules.

Exchange unit from Vanilla Air Points for Peach Points

In the case of 100 Vanilla Air points to Peach Points
・ JPY . . . equivalent 100 Peach Points
・ TWD . . . equivalent 30 Peach Points
・ HKD . . . equivalent 7 Peach Points
・ KRW . . . equivalent 1,024 Peach Points
・ THB . . . equivalent 28 Peach Points
・ CNY . . . equivalent 6 Peach Points
Peach Points are issued based on currency unit.

  • Peach Points cannot convert into cash and other currency units.
  • Peach Points are available in the currency of the country of origin only, and are not convertible. For example, if the points were issued in Japanese Yen, they will only be eligible for use in payment of fares / fees of flights departing from Japan (either Domestic or International).
  • Please note that due to the currency conversion rate, the exchanged amount of Peach Point may be the same though the amount of Vanilla Air Point is different.
    For exchanging except for JPY, the exchange amounts of Peach Point may be rounded down to the lowest whole number due to the currency conversion rate as well.
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