Vanilla Air Connecting Flight

For connections between Vanilla Air flights, it is necessary to check-in at the departure airport service counter for each flight. You will also need to check-in and pick up baggage at each airport.

①<Japan Domestic Flight>→<Japan Domestic Flight>、
<Japan Domestic Flight>→<International Flight>

To guests who chose connecting flight, you will need to collect your luggage at each arrival airport(Tokyo Narita/ Okinawa Naha) and check-in again. (International flight connection need Travel documentation for immigration)


②<International Flight>→<Japan Domestic Flight>

You will need to collect your luggage at Narita(Tokyo) and check-in again ※For connecting to International flight, please prepare all your travel documentation for immigration.


Recommended Minimum Connection Time for Vanilla Air flights

To support your safe travel, we have set the recommended minimum connection time for Vanilla Air flights.

    *This recommended minimum connection time is only to be used as a guideline for our company and does not make any guarantees for your connection.
<Japan Domestic Flight>
<Japan Domestic Flight>
more than 90min more than 90min
<Japan Domestic Flight>
<International Flight>
more than 110min more than 120min
<International Flight>
<Japan Domestic Flight>
more than 105min more than 120min
  • Terms of connection flights which apply under our company.
  • Some flights cannot transfer within same date.

Other Notes

Fees and charges

  • We charge for processing fee for one person per sector.
  • However, any other expenses, including but not limited to, transfer to other airline company, accommodations, or ground transportation, are not covered by Vanilla Air.
Web Check-in is only available for Japan domestic flights.

 Thank you for flying with Vanilla Air 


/// Customers who are departing from Okinawa(Naha) airport on 16DEC ///


Okinawa Urban Monorail (Yui rail) is temporarily suspending all monorail service due to unexploded ordnance disposal as a safety measure. A disposal operation will be conducted on December 16, 2018 (Sun) from 9:00~. (It is planned to finish by noon.)

Please prepare to have enough time to arrive at Okinawa(Naha) LCC terminal.

Please refer the Okinawa Urban Monorail website.多言語.pdf



由於沖繩市區發現未爆彈,沖繩單軌電車(Yui rail)受到影響於12/16(週日)上午9點至當日中午期間(暫定)全線暫停營運。請旅客預先保留充足的時間前往那霸國際機場LCC航廈辦理登機報到手續,感謝您的配合。




沖繩都市單軌電車(Yui rail)因要處理未爆炸彈而暫時停止所有單軌列車服務。整個清理過程將於2018年12月16日(星期日)上午9時開始進行 (預計於中午前完成)。




2018-12-15 18:45