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Checked Baggage (Non Standard Sized)

Love your sports life? Bring your own golf, surf, ski and snowboard equipment with you to resorts! Vanilla Air accept non standard sized baggage such as music instrument or sports equipment.

About Checked Baggage (Non Standard Sized)

Oversized Charge (per 1 pc.) JPY 3,000

  • Baggage not applies to standard sized, we will accept as "Non Standard Sized" baggage.
  • We may not accept items the one liner exceeds 200cm depend on cargo space availability. Please kindly measure the following 3 points after proper packing and contact our Reservation Center in advance.
    ■3 sizes after packing
    ■The weight after packing
    ■The number of baggage.
  • Non standard sized charge applies to items the one liner exceeds 120cm.

Sports Equipments

  • Checked in charge applies to the following sports equipment. golf goods, fishing rod, ski and snow boarding goods, surfboard, body board&wind surfboard, scuba gears and bicycles. If before-mentioned items exceed standard size*, we will charge extra fee as non-standard size(oversized) baggage handling fee.
    *standard size...The sum of its 3 external dimensions must be 203 cm or less (The length of one side must be 120 cm or less).
  • You may only carry on or checked in underwater light without its battery out.
  • O2 or air gas cylinder(bottle) only acceptable when its empty.
  • Please kindly make sure to pack well enough for carriage. We are not responsible for any damages.


  • Bicycles must be packaged as follows:
    Bicycles should be folded and packaged properly in a durable bicycle case or in corrugated cardboard.
  • The air must be removed from the tires. Also the handlebars must be fixed parallel to the frame. Please be sure to pack bicycles properly so that the pedals and handlebars are not protruding.

Musical Instruments

  • We only accepts musical instrument as checked in baggage only when it’s well packed in cases to take through flight.
  • You may need to purchase extra seats if you would like to carry on musical instruments exceeds standard sized carry on baggage. We don’t recommend to check in your musical instrument as it may be broken in a cargo space.
  • We are not responsible for any damage.

Others (Strollers, Wheelchairs etc.)

  • Any one of Wheelchairs, child seat or baby stroller is checked in for free of charge.

To passenger who will carry non-standard sized baggage

  • Passengers carry over sized baggage or excess baggage may proceed to our airport counter well in advance.
  • Please kindly understand we may not be able to accept your baggage subject to the amount on board.
  • Upon arrival of destination, confirm your "baggage claim tag" . Please make sure not to pick up baggage of another person by mistake. Please hand the baggage claim tag to the clerk at the Arrivals exit gate.
  • The maximum amount of indemnity for carry-on baggage/cargo hold baggage whose value has not been declared in advance is limited to a maximum of ¥150,000 per person.
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