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Where can I book connecting flights?
Once you choose Alliance Partner's destination, you will be connected to Value Alliance booking page automatically and are able to make a reservation.
Only English and Japanese website is supported.
How can I pay for my connecting booking on
You can pay by credit card (VISA/Master/Diners/Discover) only.
Will my baggage be checked through to my final destination?
No. You must collect your baggage after each flight and check-in again for your next flight.

(Applicability of Through Check-in depends on each airlines policy)
How much weight can I check-in for free?
The free baggage allowance depends on the fare type rule.

We only offer Simple or Campaign fare for Value Alliance connecting flight, thus no free check-in baggage is included.

We will accept check in baggage for a fee.
Can I buy additional weight for my check-in baggage?
Yes you can. You can add extra baggage allowance when you create a new booking for a fee.

After the booking is made, you are able to add at each respective airline Reservation Center or Airport Counter.

Charges apply. Maximum baggage allowance to check-in depends on each respective airlines.
Can I assign my seat in advance?
Yes, you can assign your seat when creating a new booking for a fee.

After the booking is made, you are able to assign at each respective airline Reservation Center or Airport Counter.

For other airlines, advanced seat assignment depends on each airlines policy.

Please visit the website of the respective airline for detail.
Can I change my connecting booking?
Please contact our Reservation Center for date/flight changes. Charges apply.

Only JW flight is changeable. Destination change is not allowed.
Can I refund my connecting bookings?
Connecting bookings are non-refundable. 
Will I get my boarding passes for all flights at the first airport where I check-in?
No. You must check-in for each flight at each intermediate stop.
Can I use online check-in?
No. Please check-in at the airport counter for all Vanilla Air flights.

Please note that you must check-in for each flight separately.
Should I clear immigration and customs at my connecting airport?
Yes, even if you transfer from an international flight to another international flight you must clear immigration at all intermediate stops (each Airport's TAX and fees are applicable).

Please make sure you possess valid travel documents to enter each country. 
What happens if my flight is delayed and I consequently miss my onward connecting flight?
When delay occurs with airline initiate, we will accommodate you on the next available flight.

Please contact at Airline's Airport counter or Reservation Center.
What is the minimum connecting time in Taipei?
The minimum connecting time in Taipei is 180 mins.
Where can I view my booking details?
Please visit each respective airline website and login with your booking details.
Can I collect each airline's club points?
Yes, you can collect club points under each respective airline's policy.
Is Vanilla Air insurance available for connecting flights?
No. Vanilla Air insurance is not available for Value Alliance connecting flights.
What if my connection involves spending a night, will I get free accommodations?
We will not provide complimentary accommodation for overnight connections. 
How do I add an infant to a connecting booking? 
Please contact our Reservation Center. You are only able to add infant on Vanilla Air flights.

For other airlines, please contact each respective Airline's Reservation Center. A charges apply.
Which Conditons of Carriage apply?
The Conditons of Carriage of each respective airline apply to Value Alliance connecting flight bookings.
From what age can be on board by themselves?
For Value Alliance connecting flights, passenger needs to be over 18 years old to make reservation by themselves.
What do I do for my wheel chair check in?
Please contact to each respective Airline's Reservation Center well in advance. For Vanilla Air flights, please check here for details.

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Web Check-in is only available for Japan domestic flights.

Thank you for choosing Vanilla Air.
【Conditional flight】
JW823(Narita airport - Amami oshima airport) may return to Narita airport due to due to typhoon Danas around Amami oshima airport, if this flight cannot land at Amami oshima airport safely.
We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.
Please check 【See more info】for latest flight information.
【Regarding to Typhoon Danas 】
July 18 and 19,the Taipei / Kaohsiung / Ishigaki airports  will experience irregular operations due to typhoon Danas.
Please check 【See more info】for latest flight information.

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